Huge thanks to all the amazing and generous artists who contributed to our


You're all stars!

Tom Amoretti, Alison Anderson, Teri Anderson, Tanaz Aseffi,  

Rebecca Asghar, Rosalind Barker, Simon Brewster, Andrea Coltman, 

Manuela Corti, Day Bowman, Elena Chaykina, Louisa Crispin,

Jo Ellison, Liz Elton, Iulia Filipovscaia, Sonia Griffin, Chaz Howkins, 

Sarah Hawley, Christine Highland, Morna Hinton, Sally Jones,

M. Lohrum, Ian Monroe, Venetia Nevill, Jane Pickersgill,  

Nedret Pekcan, Nicole Price, Hamish Pringle, Fiona G. Roberts,

Andrea Robinson, Linda Saul, Sarah V. Spence, Alison Stirling, 

Angela Stocker , Franny Swann, Jenny Timmer, Maria Turner, 

Robert Verrill, Jane Vincent, Monique Wan, Rupert Whale


As part of the RSVP show now relocated at

Streets of Growth Headquarters, Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs,

we are organising an

Art Fundraiser

from 6pm on 7th December 2018

We asked for artists to donate one or more small scale works

To be sold anonymously for £50 per work


Further information regarding the charitable organisation 

Streets of Growth can be found : (



Updates will be coming via social media

Twitter    @cwnd_artistresi


Instagram        @cwnd_artistresidency



And Website:

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