Why this residency is becoming so popular?

Full page feature courtesy of The Wharf News, September 2017

To open the work up to a wider audience it is intended to involve a number of external artists, industry experts related to Canary Wharf and the Arts and Events team of Canary Wharf. We intend to provide three core days with a series of talks, workshops, seminars & presentations.

The ethos of this residency is to provide a nurturing environment to support, discuss and help develop ideas that will resolve beyond the residency.


We have an upcoming show RSVP, no format Gallery, Arch 29, Rolt Street, Deptford in October 2018 which will reveal how last year's artists work developed. We hope to repeat this year on year with the residents after at least a 12 month period of work development . 


What are we looking for from you?

We are looking for:

  • committed creatives to engage in this three week residency.

  • creatives looking to expand, develop & challenge their artistic practice

  • professional creatives

  • professional outlooks

  • open minded individuals

What are we not looking for from you?


  • to completely change your way of working or thinking



A permit must be applied for photography around the Canary Wharf Estate. Within the residency space and construction site, permission must be granted.

No photographs can be used for commercial purposes without written consent from Canary Wharf Group.

Health and Safety

The residency space is located within a working commercial construction site and therefore Health & Safety is of paramount importance. Before you are allowed on to the site you will need to take an online Health & Safety Test. This is based on common sense. Once completed it will also be necessary to attend a 10-15 minute Health & Safety Induction Talk. Without these you will not be permitted in the residency space.


No Induction = No Access to Residency!


This is an exciting opportunity to work in a unique environment within the Canary Wharf Estate on the Isle of Dogs, E14 5AB for a summer residency. The only stipulation is that work produced is required to respond to this environment.


Canary Wharf is a 97-acre office and retail space created  from disused Docklands for more information:



The space is located within the  welfare facilities on a construction site. It is available from 23rd July to 10th August 2018. The space is available from 8.00am - 18.00 pm Monday to Fridays with Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays being core days for the group to interact.


The space provides a “studio” and meeting/discussion space. (11.25m x 4.60m) comfortably for a number of artists with a bookable “meeting” room nearby with Smart technology. Last year we held seminars and presentations within this space.


Electricity is available and WiFi will also available, phone reception is problematic as the space is one level below ground. There is no running water or sink facilities available within the space although toilet and welfare facilities are provided in separate areas. We are able to provide facilities for washing paint brushes if required.

Last year there were 16 artists and we were provided with an external fenced off area which we are hoping to offer again.

Group workshop with Mark Goldby and Neil Kelso, August 2017

Following 2106's pilot residency at Bank Street we are now in our 3rd year....

Click Here to see last year's, 2017 residency at CWND.

CWND Artist Residency 2018 is  a three week intensive artist residency held in a unique location within Canary Wharf.

Project developed, led, managed and coordinated by Andrea Coltman, a practising artist.














Highlights - some of the activities and guest artists that have been involved

Artists' Talks & Workshops

Rebecca Byrne & Liz Elton

Rosalind Davis

Mark Goldby + Neil Kelso

Samuel Herbert

Ian Monroe

Elspeth Penfold

Graham Seaton

Andrea V. Wright

Group Presentations

Group Critiques


Mental Health Awareness Talks

Working with limited resources


Panel Discussions

Art Fundraising

Canary Wharf Public Art Walk


Archaeological Insight

Interactive Group Work

Construction Site Tours

Marketing Suite Tour

External Making Space

Site specific response

Community Projects


Working with &Supporting Charities

© 2018 by Andrea Coltman.

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